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Herbal cleansers

Troubles with Bubbles

What is proper skin care?

Basic skin care starts with cleansing the skin. Soap is effective, easily available and a convenient cleanser that will dissolve the grime and dirt into an easy solution by rinsing of with water. But residue is left from soap on the skin that in time hardens the skin oils causing the clogging of the pores, leaving a medium for bacteria growth, leading to acne conditions, especially in oily type skin.

Fatty acids in soap are known to leave gooey scum residue on the skin leaving a moisture dehydrated dry skin, besides a ring around your bathtubs and more.

 Soaps are mostly composed of animal fats and oils besides lye and combinations 0f alkyl sulfate, glycerol, sulfonate, sodium sulfate, chloride salts, potassium salts of fatty acids and sanitizing agents, colors and perfumes as stated in Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products.  

Do Liquid soaps work as cleansers?

They are soaps too, only diluted down to a liquefied or creamy state with water, glycerin, mineral oil or some petroleum derivative.

People are continually looking for the next best over the counter cleanser; The answer is simple, they look for pretty packaging and if it smells good, but find one product is as good as another in time causing skin damage in most besides aging skin.


Are herbal cleansers new to the beauty industry?  

Herbal cleansers have been used for centuries as an effective, efficient and convenient method to cleanse the skin of dirt, grime, debris, and pollutants. Herbal cleansers do not react to the ions in tap water and will leave no residue on the skin. Because they are biodegradable and produce lower suds, less water is needed to rinse off. "Mother Nature" has provided ingredient's that are compatible to the skin's pH, sweet birch bark and white oak bark. Sweet birch bark is composed of a high percentage of esters and has a delightfully fragrant essence. White oak bark has been used to cure hides, after all: what is skin?

FANIE's Approach to Cleansing

FANIE International spearheaded the use of botanical cleanser's considered the ultimate in effective cleansing and affordable

Then we added the REFRESH Sweet Apple Foaming liquid botanical cleanser made with kelp, nettle, and essential apple oil essence with grapefruit extract. This product has taken the attention of young people and especially for men’s shaving

FANIE's Sweet Birch Body and Bath and FANIE White Oak Facial Cleansers contain essential properties found in "Mother Nature's" garden, to improve the appearance of healthy skin. FANIE White Oak Herbal Shampoo can encourage healthy scalp and the appearance of lustrous shiny hair. Other ingredients found in FANIE cleansers are cayenne, sasapilla, black cohosh, fenugreek, licorice root, mint, garlic, rosemary, alfalfa, mullein, goldenseal, dandelion, sage and parsley. FANIE cleansers are concentrated; a little goes a long way. Experience a difference you can see and feel today, tomorrow and well into the next century.

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