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Skin treated with AHA/Glycolic, etc.

This group is recommended for oily or dry skin type that exhibits hard, thin and plastic looking surface skin.

The first step is gently cleansing with the White Oak Cleanser for oily to normal skin type -- The White Oak Cleansing Creme is for the dry very sensitive type skin. Each of these cleansers will not leave the skin stripped of its natural moisture; only remove debris etc. from the skin. 

ACCENT MASQUE is an enzyme skin masque that was formulated to help neutralize the surface hardened skin to help the skin to be more youthful. This unique powder is to be mixed with our liquid Tru-Skin to a light fluffy paste to be used 1 or 2 times a week as directed.

For the drier type skin, Mist E Oil is recommended to use into the cleansed skin daily. This unique oil is water soluble, not greasy or sticky.

Our skin cremes are water soluble and highly concentrated – a little goes a long way.

The Fine Line skin creme is recommended for use of appearance of fine lines around the eyes, mouth and used to help soften expression and frown lines in the forehead.

The Protein skin Creme contains Vitamin A&D is our choice to use as a neutral day time creme and used under make-up.  

As a night creme is our Collagen skin creme to use after cleansing the skin.

This suburb creme can be use on the body and can be used as a day time skin creme. Men also like this creme after shaving.

Suggested routine:

  • White Oak Skin Cleanser or White Oak Cleansing Creme: 2 times daily
  • Accent Masque: 1-2 times/week
  • Tru-Skin: mix with Accent Masque powder
  • Mist E Oil: use daily over dry skin
  • Protein Creme: use daily & over Mist E Oil
  • Fine Line Creme: use daily on the eyes, mouth & fine lines
  • Vitamin C Collagen Creme: nightly

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Skin Treated with AHA, Glycolic, etc.

This group of products selected specifically for oily skin treated with AHA/glycolic, etc.

Includes White Oak Cleanser, Accent Masque, Tru-skin, Protein Creme, Fine Line Creme and Vitamin C Collagen Creme

Product group price includes a 15% discount over buying the products individually.

This group of products selected specifically for Dry Skin treated with AHA/glycolic, etc

Includes White Oak Cleansing Creme, Accent Masque, Tru-skin, Protein Creme, Fine Line Creme and Vitamin C Collagen Creme.

Product group price includes a 15% discount over buying the products individually.

Grp A w/Cleanser - Skin Treated with AHA, Glycolic, etc. $159.50
Grp A w/Creme - Skin Treated with AHA, Glycolic, etc. $162.50


Individual Products

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Accent Masque

Softens skin by neutralizing acid residues left by AHA, glycolic and other acids. The perfect sensitive masque. Formulated with essential enzymes and nutrients. Also prepares skin for advanced treatments.

Net wt 3 oz (85g) - Accent Masque $45.00
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Fine Line Creme

Fine expression lines around eyes and mouth visibly diminish with FANIE's FINE LINE CREME. Use it day and night. Highly concentrated; easy to use; progressive results. net wt. .75 oz

net wt. 1.5 oz (42g) - Fine Line Creme $24.00
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Mist E Oil

The smoothing solution to dry, parched skin - MIST E OIL. Composed of fractured, vitamin-rich essences, MIST E OIL penetrates softly to help nourish and maintain the skin's delicate moisture balance. It easily mixes with FANIE cremes for the added protection of Vitamin E. Use daily to ease dryness on face or body. Add a few drops to bath water with FANIE herbal Sweet Birch Body and Bath liquid cleanser for petal-soft skin. net wt. 1 oz

net wt. 0.5 oz (15 ml) - Mist E Oil $24.00
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Protein Creme

Bathe your skin in nourishing protein and vitamin-enriched emollients found in FANIE'S PROTEIN CREME. It's unique formula babies your sensitive, fragile skin, to help it retain the radiance of youth - naturally. net wt. 1.1 oz

net wt. 1.1 oz (40g) - Protein Creme $20.00
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Vitamin C Collagen Creme

To keep you skin younger-looking into the 21st century. FANIE's VITAMIN C COLLAGEN CREME contains Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. As shown in scientific study, it helps skin retain its natural elasticity and more. You won't find a better night cream net wt. 2.1 oz

net wt. 2.1 oz (80g) - Vitamin C Collagen Creme $30.00
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White Oak Cleanser

The first step to the appearance of radiant healthy skin begins with cleansing. The appearance of soft, supple, fresh and vibrant skin can be yours. White Oak cleanser contains no soap or other caustics that may leave damaging residue on the surface of your skin. Soap based cleansers, over time, can leave skin damaging residues or strip the skin of it's natural moisture balance. White Oak Cleanser contains no detergents to dry or strip the skin. It is non- oily and leaves no harmful residues or greasy films. It is gentle enough for the baby's skin, yet deep cleaning for use by the entire family.

Net wt 8 oz (235 ml) - White Oak Cleanser $20.00
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White Oak Cleansing Creme

Rich in soothing emollients, a water soluble creme base with unique herbal oils, for sensitive skin and dry skin types, gentle to the most fragile skin. Gentle yet highly effective. Use as a superior make up remover for all skin types, leaving the appearance of youthful, clean skin without a greasy residue .net wt. 5 oz

Net wt 5 oz (160g) - White Oak Cleansing Creme $23.00