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Disencrustation Products

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Encore Quickie Solution

Reveal the loveliness of healthier skin with ENCORE QUICKIE SOLUTION. Recommended for all skin types, ENCORE works in minutes to dissolve and lift dry surface skin cells. Perfect for a quick lift-off between masqeuing or whenever dry skin patches appear. net wt. 1. 2 oz

net wt. 1. 2 oz (56ml) - Encore Quickie Solution $18.00
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Liquid Sponge

For clean, tight, refined pores. LIQUID SPONGE soaks up and dissolves hardened, problem-causing oils and helps clear clogged pores. Highly concentrated - use once or twice weekly to help retain a fresh, clean complexion. net wt. 1 oz

net wt. 1 oz (28ml) - Liquid Sponge $17.00
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Retinol Modified Skin Lotion

Dr. Clyde Johnson's Original Revolutionary "RETINOL" - Skin Lotion, with years of positive results. FANIE Retinol modified A & D is a superior water soluble unique skin lotion. Use nightly after cleansing the skin with the FANIE White Oak Herbal skin Cleanser in concert. See and feel dead surface skin cells slough off revealing the appearance of healthier skin in time... This gentle botanical nutrient product excels in producing youthful skin of the face and neck for today, tomorrow and always. net wt. 1.1 oz

net wt. 1.1 oz (42ml) - Retinol Modified Skin Lotion $35.00
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Silent Night Powder

Controls oils naturally while you sleep. Before beadtime cleanse with WHITE OAK CLEANSER. Dry the skin. Apply SILENT OVERNIGHT power with a cotton ball. net wt. 1.1 oz

net wt. 1.1 oz (42g) - Silent Night Powder $15.00
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From deep sea kelp, FANIE has discovered the secret to beautiful skin. Compatible with all skin types, TRU-SKIN is itself a delicate skin enhancer. Mixed with FANIE masque powders, TRU-SKIN activates the masque's nutritive enzymes net wt . 3.2 oz

net wt . 3.2 oz (110ml) - Tru-Skin $18.50
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Unveil Skinsations

Discover dazzling skin with UNVEIL SKINSATION. Gentle enough for most sensitive skin, UNVEIL SKINSATION helps dissolve and rinse dead surface cells from face, neck and extremities as it stimulates circulation for softer, tighter pores and smoother skin. See and feel what UNVEIL SKINSATION can do for you. net wt. 1.2 oz

net wt. 1.2 oz (56g) - Unveil Skinsations $20.00