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FACT SHEET - by Estheticians Pharmacology Research Institute

Contour Restyling Sculpturing Skin Creme; for healthy skin for today, tomorrow and always.

This unique Contour Creme formula often copied, but never equaled is the original formula sold worldwide, was developed more than 30 years ago with a proven positive track record all these years. Formulated as a true skin tightener and toner, especially with progressive positive results, when used weekly – not a fluid loss.

This formula is water-soluble, and when applied as directed it is made to absorb into the topical voids of clean skin, helping tone, tighten, and condition the skin of the body that needs special attention. A skin creme developed to help relieve the appearance of "dimple" skin known as "cellulite".

After proper cleansing with our suggested FANIÉ Sweet Birch Herbal Cleanser apply this unique skin creme. It has a pleasant favorable smell and feeling when the body areas are wrapped firmly, but not too tight with a plastic wrap. This method physically helps produce a natural chemical heat action that causes a raise in the surface skin temperature within the skin tissues as well as the plastic wrap compressing the natural body heat in the skin for a 60 minute treatment. Many good results are reported and seen by most people in the very first treatment.

One of the principle reasons why body wrapping with FANIÉ Contour sculpturing skin Creme works especially well in the heavy adipose areas such as the abdomen, derriere, back, the upper inner and outer thighs, hips, upper arms as we know as "Bingo Wings" since these areas are not directly connected to skeletal muscles. So, therefore you see the appearance of improvement in some body shapes and body areas unaffected by neither dieting nor exercising, but skin can be conditioned topically by firming and toning the skin to a sleeker body, when this product is used progressively and according to this mfg. directions.

You can enjoy firming and conditioning and sculpting the skin as this rewarding creme furthers the anti-aging nutrients within the creme. Most users have reported improvement in the elasticity of the skin along with helping the appearance of smoother, healthy and younger looking skin.

After removal of the plastic wrap (about one hour), tightening and toning is known to continue for hours afterward, since the creme should remain in the skin for at least 8 to10 hours before bathing or showering.

FANIÉ Contour Restyling Skin Creme must be allowed to be absorbed into the skin for it to work to its maximum.

Remember, as suggested it is important that the skin be properly prepared for the skin creme wrapping treatment. Cleansing with the FANIÉ Sweet Birch Body/Bath Herbal Cleanser, deep cleans the skin, dissolves and flushes residue impurities from skin prior to applying the contour treatments. If needed, take the time to use the contour treatment as a once a week treatment in the privacy of your own home for the entire body or just arms and legs.

FANIÉ Sweet Birch Herbal Body cleanser is highly concentrated and recommended as a home care bath and shower product for daily use for the entire family. A little goes a long way and leaves the skin sooo clean and fresh.

FANIÉ Nutri-Tone The recommended companion product for use after cleansing the body is the skin tightening Nutri-Tone Lotion, a conditioning product for the entire body to be used daily. This unique lotion is formulated for daily use, especially between body-wrap treatments, maintaining the benefits of the wrap. Also is used daily by those not doing wraps to help condition the skin of the body including arms and legs, helping combat skin dryness and the visible signs of aging that needs attention. This specialized lotion contains many botanical ingredients with the added vitamin nutrients to help encourage continuing flexible elastic skin naturally. The above products and treatment is recommended for use on women and men of all ages and skin color.

The FANIÉ Contour Creme is Not for use on pregnant or nursing women, but we do suggest our FANIÉ Super Moisturizing skin creme, known prior as Dr. Johnson’s original "Mother’s Creme" containing vitamins A & D – used especially to help the stretching skin of the mother-to-be and alleviate stretch marks in combination with the proper skin cleansing with the famous FANIÉ Sweet Birch Herbal Body Cleanser.

Also this product is used as a unique skin creme for the ultra dry skin of the entire body including the feet and legs. Not greasy or sticky.

Certified Body Wrapping classes and workshops in continuing education are available to practitioners in Irvine, California and in other areas.

Call for information about certified classes/workshops, 800-441-FANI.