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Mini-Micro Dermabrasion

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Crystal Callous Foot Creme

A foot creme treatment with years of history, now with added sterile crystals to be used with the unit brush to soften and help dissolve the callous feet areas while conditioning the skin- Happy Feet.

Net wt 4oz (120g) - Crystal Callous Foot Creme $35.00
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Crystal Vitamin C Creme

A perfect unique sterilized crystal skin creme for home care treatments using our hand held unit that helps remove surface dead skin cell barrier while encouraging healthy skin texture with our Vitamin C creme. net wt 4 oz

Net wt 4 oz (80g) - Crystal Vitamin C Creme $35.00
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Mini Microdermabrasion System

Easy to use, this complete package contains: Battery operated FANIE Mini-MicroDermabrasion unit, 2 soft washable sponge applicators, brush attachment for hand & foot care, Crystal Creme with Vitamin C, Callous Crystal Creme, Sweet Birch Herbal Body Skin Cleanser, Sateen-Velvet Hand and Body Lotion, spatula and complete instructions

1 pkg. - Mini Microdermabrasion System $85.00

Replacement MM Brush

Replacement FANIE Mini-MicroDermabrasion brush for hand & foot care.

1 ea. - Replacement MM Brush $3.00

Replacement MM Sponge Applicator

Soft, washable & reusable sponge applicator for FANIE Mini-MicroDermabrasion unit.

1 ea. - Replacement MM Sponge Applicator $3.00
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Sateen Velvet Lotion

A superb lotion for moisturizing the skin of the hands and body. Blends of skin care nutrients that will not clog the pores or leave a greasy film on the skin. Encourages your skin to feel silky, soft and velvety. Toned and tanned skin appears to last longer with daily progressive conditioning. net wt. 3.1 oz

net wt. 3.1 oz (108ml) - Sateen Velvet Lotion $15.00

Signature Sateen Velvet Lotion

net weight 1 oz

net weight 1 oz (35ml) - Signature Sateen Velvet Lotion $5.00
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Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser

The whole family can use the original liquid botanical body and bath cleanser with a floral freshness, naturally invigorating. Is gentle enough for baby delicate skin. Skin appears to spring alive with a healthy glow and youthful look. Benefit from deep pore cleansing, no soap film residue on your skin, the tub or shower stall. Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser can also be used as a "wet shave" on legs, face, etc . net wt. 16 oz

net wt. 2 oz

net wt. 16 oz (470ml) - Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser $35.00
net wt. 2 oz (65ml) - Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser $5.00