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Penetrating Cremes

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Apricot Creme

Pamper your dry skin in moisture-rich apricot and true avocado pulp essences with FANIE's remarkable, water-based APRICOT CREME. So light and soothing. See and feel the difference. Use daily and under make-up for added skin protection.

Net wt 1.3 oz (42g) - Apricot Creme $20.00
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Callous Creme

For the look and feel of satiny soft feet, elbows or knees try this amazing creme, developed to soften calluses, allowing for the non-evasive removal of callous with a pumice stone. For optimum results, it is suggested to soak feet in a tepid bath of FANIE Sweet Birch Body Cleanser before applying Callous Creme according to instructions.

Net wt 2.7 oz (80g) - Callous Creme $25.00
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Creme D'Orange

Enjoy the natural, low pH oil-control formula in CREME D'ORANGE. Its citric acid base helps control problem-causing oils without drying skin. Men love it as an invigorating aftershave.

Net wt 1.3 oz (42g) - Creme D'Orange $20.00
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Derma Creme

Use over "spider veins" on the face and legs. net wt 1 oz

Net wt 1 oz (28g) - Derma Creme $26.00
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Dreme Creme

For the lovely skin you've always dreamed of. DREME CREME's combination of enzymes and fractured nutrients are the true solution to excessively oily and acned type skin. Use daily and under makeup for added skin protection. net wt. 1.3 oz

Net wt 1.3 oz (40g) - Dreme Creme $20.00
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Fine Line Creme

Fine expression lines around eyes and mouth visibly diminish with FANIE's FINE LINE CREME. Use it day and night. Highly concentrated; easy to use; progressive results. net wt. .75 oz

net wt. 1.5 oz (42g) - Fine Line Creme $24.00
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Opal Essence Body Peppermint Lotion

Hand and body concentrated peppermint lotion with a refreshing clean scent. net wt. 4.2 oz

net wt. 4.2 oz (154g) - Opal Essence Body Peppermint Lotion $18.00
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Protein Creme

Bathe your skin in nourishing protein and vitamin-enriched emollients found in FANIE'S PROTEIN CREME. It's unique formula babies your sensitive, fragile skin, to help it retain the radiance of youth - naturally. net wt. 1.1 oz

net wt. 1.1 oz (40g) - Protein Creme $20.00
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Sateen Velvet Lotion

A superb lotion for moisturizing the skin of the hands and body. Blends of skin care nutrients that will not clog the pores or leave a greasy film on the skin. Encourages your skin to feel silky, soft and velvety. Toned and tanned skin appears to last longer with daily progressive conditioning. net wt. 3.1 oz

net wt. 3.1 oz (108ml) - Sateen Velvet Lotion $15.00

Signature Sateen Velvet Lotion

net weight 1 oz

net weight 1 oz (35ml) - Signature Sateen Velvet Lotion $5.00
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Super Moisturizer

(Originally called "Mother's Cream") This miraculous true skin moisturizer conditions and refreshes dry skin like none other, helping skin retain vital moisture, naturally. SUPER MOISTURIZER is your total-body skin solution. net wt. 3 oz

net wt. 3 oz (95g) - Super Moisturizer $28.00
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Vitamin C Collagen Creme

To keep you skin younger-looking into the 21st century. FANIE's VITAMIN C COLLAGEN CREME contains Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. As shown in scientific study, it helps skin retain its natural elasticity and more. You won't find a better night cream net wt. 2.1 oz

net wt. 2.1 oz (80g) - Vitamin C Collagen Creme $30.00