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Why Facial Skin Pores?

by Florence Johnson

I have been a professional cosmetologist since the 60’s besides a California State licensed Instructor, also owner and operator of 9 full service beauty Salons and a accredited Beauty College. Many clients that came in for their first facial would complain about their large pores and say – a “Volkswagen” could fit into their pores! No wonder, they viewed their facial skin under a magnifying glass.  I would remind them, “out in public we don’t look at them under a magnifying glass.”

So let’s talk about why we have millions of pores on our face and body.  Everything in and on our body was created for a reason – such as pores are used for excreting sweat and skin oils. It is important that our Sweat glands excrete the toxins from our body especially when exercising. Our pores are also essential to excrete the skin oils pumped surface from the oil glands.  The big problems for people with the overly oily skin type, we usually see blackheads mostly on the nose, chin and found on the back skin areas.  They appear to be black on top which is not dirt as some think, but the color pigmentation from the skin. 

Hardening sebum oil effect takes place due to the use of different ingredients in water, soaps etc. The skin oils continue to push surface into the pores, enlarging and  rupturing the pores because of the skin oils pumping into the pores cannot excrete because of the harden surface. Many will extract, pinch, squeeze or steam the skin -- all this just causes more skin problems such as scars, pits and holes in the skin. Pinching is like an hour glass effect -- so much may excrete out, but so much more goes into the blood stream that is known to swell the skin area and can even cause death.  Doctors do not pinch or squeeze the skin, they write a prescription for antibiotics.

When using acid type products continually, the skin surface will dry and peel and eventually there are no pores.. But we must remember the oil glands continue to pump oils to the  surface, but no passage out -- we then have a bacterial cystic problem taking place under the skin. In most, the hardened oils calcify and we feel the lumps and bumps under the skin.  This has a name “Acne.” I always say, babies are not born with Acne -- but with the continuing use of hard water, soap and animal oils the condition begins -- babies grow into young people, then adults where the problem usually continues and needs a solution.

Yes, we have had the proven solution for decades to help control the oily skin problem by fracturing and softening  the top of the blackhead, liquefying the hard packed oils in the pores with our Liquid Sponge when used as directed.

First is the use of our White Oak Cleanser to cleanse the skin and rinse with warm water.  While the skin is still warm and moist apply a small amount of our FANIE Liquid Sponge product with your fingertips to the oily skin areas including over the blackheads.  Continue using your fingertips to massage in the product with adding warm water for about 3 minutes, and then continue to rinse the skin thoroughly with a soft cloth and warm water.  Then use our herbal Pore Reducer will coat the cleansed out pores. This unique formula will not just close the pores on top, but tighten and refine the walls of the pores, making them much smaller.

To soften and dissolve the hard lumps and bumps under the skin – cleanse with the FANIE White Oak Cleanser before bedtime – than with a Q-tip apply our Hot Dot product only directly onto the bump..  There will be a few minutes of deep heat – just wipe off the product in 5 minutes.  There may be redness where the product was applied that will diminish in a short time.

For the excessive oily skin we suggest our Silent Overnight powder product before bed time – Cleanse the skin and dry, than apply the powder with a cotton ball.  This will control the skin oils when you sleep and then cleanse the skin in the morning with the FANIÉ White Oak Cleanser.