Over 55 years of Excellence.

Company History

As you browse the FANIÉ International web site, chances are you are shopping for skin care products that really work. Like everyone else, you are looking for the "perfect fix", the magic bullet, or instant cure. There are too many "breakthrough" technologies for you to navigate. Well, you are not alone, most all of us maneuvered our way through many mix and match brands in our lifetime.

From the many e-mail messages we receive from our web site people have tried many products in hopes of achieving better skin naturally. Most write about trying every product under the sun besides treatments, only to be left befuddled and discouraged, with skin that doesn't look any different, and some worse than it did when they embarked on their quest for that better to perfect complexion. Upon answering their questions it is hard for them to believe we offer a truly botanical product line with programs that really works and has in excess of 50 years.

FANIÉ International's unique products began with the dedication of Florence Johnson. Her experience in the professional beauty and health care business is well documented. Her background includes, the owner and operator of a California State licensed Beauty College besides in excess of seven beauty salons beginning in the early 60's. Past number of years the Director of continuing education - founded in 1974, Estheticians Pharmacology Research Institute.

Her knowledge in what really established the FANIÉ SKIN CARE LINE, which was based on her first professional line E'llusion including (the original face lift in a jar). Using botanical ingredient's that proved compatible to the skin's individual chemistry is the foundation on which the FANIÉ was developed. Her mentor and associate who also manufactured the E'llusion line for her was Dr. Clyde Johnson, Med/Bio chemist and her mentor who was a Native American Indian who researched and developed herbal formulas that were based on ingredients natural to the environment and the human body. Containing No animal fat, oils, parts, sugar, synthetics, wax, silicone, perfumes or alcohol, nor any animal testing.

Students and clients observed dramatic remarkable results from just one professional in-clinic treatment and she coined the phrase "No Promises, Just Results." Both the school and her salons were busy and successful with client's returning weekly or sooner because of the great results. However great this was for business, Florence wanted the results of the professional treatment to be maintained. "I could see that the products they purchased over the counter to use at home for maintenance were not doing their skin any good, on their return appointments the skin told the story and she realized the need for compatible home care products would be the answer because of course "nothing can happen overnight". If a person looks good, they will feel good . . . and as a result they will feel better about themselves."

Florence consulted with Dr. Johnson about formulating a home care product line and together, Dr. Johnson and Florence's analogy, they realized that one product could not take care of everyone's skin conditions that they were confronted with in the salons and institute. Problems became "assets" as they were challenged with each client's skin condition, using botanical solutions naturally besides developing other formulas, they emerged into the FANIÉ product line as groups that would work the best for each individual skin condition, especially for people who were sensitive and had allergic reactions to many chemicals, as Florence was one of these people.

By 1975 the home care line was born by choosing a few of the products from the E'llusion/ White Pearl line and re- formulated for the daily home use for entire families, this established the FANIÉ home care line. During 1979, 1980 & 1981, fifteen more products were re formulated and packaged for retail sales under the FANIÉ label. Dr. Johnson personally formulated and developed all the products; by 1982 ten more FANIÉ products were included to help fulfill further needs of the professional industries and the public. 1983 five more products where added to the line. During the 90's additional products added are Accent Masque, Silent Overnite, Renaissance Masque and Derma Q Crème.

Technological and scientific discoveries are increasing daily but Florence remembers that she was taught scientifically our bodies are still bound by natural laws and this is why FANIÉ products will always work. Formulated to help activate, encourage, and facilitate the natural, normal biological function for better "Head to Toe " skin, hair and nail health, naturally and… they will always work. After all, we all want to look our best, at any age - young or old, men and woman.

Florence has successfully carried on the legacy left behind by Dr. Johnson of more than seventy products, many of which are within the FANIÉ line. As a California specialized based company and a USA proud manufacturer of products still compounded at the lab in Irvine, California. Try these realistic, botanical product solutions for the entire family - head-to-toe solutions, at a "no-nonsense" price. Once you see for yourself you to will join our many fully satisfied life-long clients.

At FANIÉ International, we stand by our motto of "No Promises, Just Results."

Please send your comments or questions to Florence and she will try to answer your concerns…at