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Brittany Frick formerly Miss California International crowned July 06,Miss International

Has FANIÉ Discovered the Fountain of Youth?

You Be the Judge.

FANIÉ began over 56 years ago when the world-renowned chemist, Dr. Clyde Johnson, turned his eye toward the rapidly developing beauty industry and began creating natural skin care solutions for use by professional cosmetologists. Different from the available products of the 60s, Dr. Johnson’s formulas demonstrated remarkable results from their very first use in facial room treatments.

Florence, a single mother of five and professional in the beauty business, met with Dr. Johnson and began incorporating his formulas in her own skin care treatments in exchange for daily feedback on the formulas. The results were miraculous. Having severe allergies to many medicines and chemicals, particularly those found in the professional field of beauty, Florence was elated by Dr. Johnson’s discovery. Not only did she use the products herself, she began introducing clients, family, and friends to the allergy-free benefits of Dr. Johnson’s skin care creations. Word of mouth spread quickly through her salons and clients came in from all over the region for these coveted treatments.

During this time, Florence joined Dr. Johnson in presenting at private seminars, using her own research as scientific example of product success. She eventually pursued her California Cosmetology Instructor’s license in 1966 and began writing books and manuals for teaching aesthetic theory while performing therapeutic individualized treatments.

In the 70s, Florence realized the professional treatment results were not lasting as long as they should, especially when a client returned within four or five weeks. After discussing this with Dr. Johnson, it was determined that products clients were using at home were compromising the longevity of the professional skin care treatments. The solution: home care products. Dr. Johnson reformulated chosen products for home care maintenance, producing a complimentary suite of skin care solutions. To this day, salons continue to retail the uniquely compatible FANIÉ home care line for all ages and skin types.

Dr. Johnson’s formulas were more than 30 years before their time, proving all individuals are not the same by addressing different skin types and sensitivities, allergies, and specific genetic skin conditions. The FANIÉ care line is also customized to suit people’s health, lifestyle, location, diet, occupation, and stresses which may have dermatological impact. Each FANIÉ product is formulated for a specific purpose. The motto until this very day remains, “No promises, just results.”

Dr. Johnson spent his life researching and scientifically studying the anatomy of the body while developing compatible chemical alternatives for a lifetime of healthy, natural skin. His expertise in herbal combinations found in the Chinese medicinal theater for centuries and a strict adherence to the Eastern Indian path of product evolution has led to progressive formulas free of synthetics; sugars; wax alcohols; silicones; and animal fats, parts, and testing.

As an educator, Florence was able to travel extensively for many schools in the USA, showcasing the FANIÉ product line in trade shows. In the beginning, she was the only skin care booth in the national and international beauty shows and educational classroom events, but she always found new clients amongst peers who wanted to learn her methods and theory after witnessing the remarkable results produced by these progressive skin treatments. Her clientele grew to include movie studio stars and candidates in the senior pageant in Long Beach back in the 70s and 80s.

Through the years that followed, Florence discovered that the individualized regiments she designed for the different skin types were more than just an occasion for pampering the skin. Soon she was introduced to an attractive 43-year old woman with ten children who agreed to exchange her pictures for facial and body services. Pictures were taken of her before and during each visit. Within the first two weeks, she decided to compete in the California Mrs. USA Pageant. Although she was competing against women half of her age, she won the 1992 title, having used treatments and FANIÉ home maintenance products for only four weeks. She then went on to win the national title three months later. Sandra Earnest, Mrs. USA, became the spokesperson for the FANIÉ Company, making many appearances in the trade shows that followed.

The Mrs. USA Pageant director, Carolee Munger, was amazed by the drastic change that had taken place with Sandra in such a short time and invited FANIÉ to sponsor not only the California Mrs. USA Pageant, but the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants. Alaska and other state pageants soon followed, and to this day many amazing testimonies and pictures grace the FANIÉ walls of fame.

Advertising by word of mouth pays in dividends, especially with no sales force to speak of or national public advertising, other than the miraculous results of these superb skin care products manufactured in the USA and sold internationally since 1974.

If you look good, you will feel good. Age will happen whether we expect it or not, but it is only a number. FANIÉ has proven that by using its product line in concert, you can maintain youth and happiness with each new year.

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