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Why bags and dark areas under eyes?

by Florence Johnson, 10/10/2013

It could mean a number of reasons that cause bags and dark areas under and around the eyes, such, not enough sleep. The darkness can also be generic in families which I have seen mostly in Middle Eastern people besides other nationalities. It may be an internal medical condition such as from kidney failure etc.

Puffy bags under the eyes are mostly from fatty tissue or fluid from sinuses that could cause the skin to be loose due to lack of the very sensitive skin loss of elasticity.

I have found in my many years of experience as a State License therapist working with all ages of men and women using our unique formula - our botanical Unveil Skinsation product containing a temporary heat sensation for a few minutes helps lighten the darkness naturally due to the detoxifying effect that takes place within this sensitive delicate skin, causing blood circulation to take place and with the natural oxygen from within the skin to help the skin to appear lighter, tighter besides youthful and healthy.

After 15 minutes using one of our enzyme skin masque, applied close to the eyes and on the eye lids carefully to help tighten and tone the skin progressively. Our specialized skin masques are constrictors, not dilators and do not puff the skin.

I have found most Cosmetic surgeon that know our products prefer to surgically remove the fat tissue and loose skin under the eyes after the patient has been on our program due to allowing the skin to bounce back after the swelling goes down due to the surgery. So Pre and post is important to keep the skin healthy….Yes our FANIE Fine Line Crème is a must to use daily with our water soluble Mist E Oil for the drier skin.