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Facts About Hyaluronic Acid

Facts about Hyaluronic Acid found in skin care products today should be a no, no if you know the anatomy of the skin! The skin is very miraculous if you allow it to be.

In the 80’s Hyaluronic Acid was approved as a miraculous chemical formulated for the burn units. This formula was combined with antibiotic and applied to skin burns, keeping the synovial fluid coming to the skin surface until the healing took place, causing the burnt debris to float off the skin, like a blister does.

This process did the same for road debris in legs and arms of motorcyclists that skidded on roads eliminating the painful debriding of the skin etc.

At that time Dr. Clyde Johnson predicted this same chemical will be used in cosmetics. It happened, and was sold in department stores with directions to apply to the crow feet around the eyes besides fine lines and wrinkles 2 times a week and presto, the skin smoothed out right before your eyes.

After a few months of use, this caused the skin to drop and sag, due to the de-hydrated fluid admitting from the skin in time.

Hyaluronic Acid product finally disappeared from the market then, but now here we go again with direction to use 2 or 3 times daily every day.

Now ads are showing once again, with the new products containing this chemical, the skin puffs up and smooth lines and wrinkles with the hydrated fluid right before your eyes, that will eventually de-hydrate the skin, and course sagging dropped skin, as we have seen in prior years before.

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