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Non-elastic body skin, stretch marks

This group excels in tightening and toning the skin of the body for youthful healthy skin.

1 - It is important to cleanse with our Sweet Birch herbal cleanser without striping the skin of it's natural moisture in a bath or shower, 

2 - in a small dish mix 2 scoops of the masque two powder with the Tru- Skin liquid smoothly to a light texture paste with the brush.

3 - Apply to all areas of the skin you wish to tighten and tone. Allow to dry normally for 35 to 45 minutes then rinse off in a warm shower.

4 - Then apply the small amount of the Misty Oil to the treated skin areas.

5 - Apply the concentrated Super Moisturizer ( First known as " Mother's Creme ) to the skin areas -  

6 - The Collagen skin creme is recomended for day time use there after after cleansing with the sweet birch Herbal cleanser daily.  

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Non-Elastic Skin, Stretch Marks

This group of products selected specifically for Loose Body Skin or Stretch Marks skin types. Group includes: Sweet Birch Body & Bath Cleanser, Masque #2, Tru-skin, Mist E Oil, Super Moisturizer and Vitamin C Collagen Creme

Product group price includes a 15% discount over buying the products individually.

Group 11 - Non-Elastic Skin, Stretch Marks $119.50


Individual Products

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Masque Two

For health and beauty below the neck. MASQUE TWO helps firm skin on breasts, buttocks, stomach, thighs, upper arms, shoulders, back, even legs and feet. Rich in proteins and natural enzymes, it's the total body solution to more youthful skin. See and feel the difference.

net wt. 2 oz

net wt. 2 oz (60g) - Masque Two $46.00
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Mist E Oil

The smoothing solution to dry, parched skin - MIST E OIL. Composed of fractured, vitamin-rich essences, MIST E OIL penetrates softly to help nourish and maintain the skin's delicate moisture balance. It easily mixes with FANIE cremes for the added protection of Vitamin E. Use daily to ease dryness on face or body. Add a few drops to bath water with FANIE herbal Sweet Birch Body and Bath liquid cleanser for petal-soft skin. net wt. 1 oz

net wt. 0.5 oz (15 ml) - Mist E Oil $24.00
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Super Moisturizer

(Originally called "Mother's Cream") This miraculous true skin moisturizer conditions and refreshes dry skin like none other, helping skin retain vital moisture, naturally. SUPER MOISTURIZER is your total-body skin solution. net wt. 3 oz

net wt. 3 oz (95g) - Super Moisturizer $28.00
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Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser

The whole family can use the original liquid botanical body and bath cleanser with a floral freshness, naturally invigorating. Is gentle enough for baby delicate skin. Skin appears to spring alive with a healthy glow and youthful look. Benefit from deep pore cleansing, no soap film residue on your skin, the tub or shower stall. Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser can also be used as a "wet shave" on legs, face, etc . net wt. 16 oz

net wt. 16 oz (470ml) - Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser $35.00
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From deep sea kelp, FANIE has discovered the secret to beautiful skin. Compatible with all skin types, TRU-SKIN is itself a delicate skin enhancer. Mixed with FANIE masque powders, TRU-SKIN activates the masque's nutritive enzymes net wt . 3.2 oz

net wt . 3.2 oz (110ml) - Tru-Skin $18.50
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Vitamin C Collagen Creme

To keep you skin younger-looking into the 21st century. FANIE's VITAMIN C COLLAGEN CREME contains Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. As shown in scientific study, it helps skin retain its natural elasticity and more. You won't find a better night cream net wt. 2.1 oz

net wt. 2.1 oz (80g) - Vitamin C Collagen Creme $30.00