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Body contouring (dry skin)


It is important to use our specialized botanical personal skin care products in concert for the best results.

Group 9

 This group is recommended for the Dry loose skin of the body.


The first step is to gently cleanse with the Sweet Birch body and bath Cleanser for all skin types.


This unique concentrated herbal cleanser will not leave the skin stripped of its’ natural moisture; only helps remove debris etc. from the skin  


Use as directed daily and note, no ring around the tub.



To help tighten and tone the skin use the CONTOUR skin crème as directed 1 or 2 times a week…                 



NUTI-TONE CRÈME use as directed to maintain results daily over the skin of the body areas, including thighs, legs and upper arms.


Our skin crèmes are water soluble and highly concentrated –

A little goes a long way.


MIST E OIL is the perfect skin oil to use directly on the dry skin before applying the NUTRI--TONE lotion after cleansing the skin with the herbal cleanser.

Note; not greasy or sticky 

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Body Contouring - Dry Skin

This group of products selected specifically for Body Contouring (dry skin types). Group includes: Sweet Birch Body & Bath Cleanser, Nutri-Tone Lotion, Contour Re-styling Creme and Mist E Oil

Product group price includes a 15% discount over buying the products individually.

Group 9 - Body Contouring - Dry Skin $99.00


Individual Products

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Contour Restyling Body Creme

Used as part of your regular diet and exercise program, CONTOUR RESTYLING CREME conditions, tightens, texturizes and tones skin to help it regain and maintain natural firmness and elasticity. This original non-fluid-loss body wrap creme, developed by Dr. Clyde Johnson, FANIE CONTOUR has been featured on the "Phil Donahue Show", "AM Los Angeles", "Skin Deep" and countless other radio and TV spots around the world. It is also used regularly by contestants of the Jr. Miss, Miss, and Mrs. USA pageants. Like all the wonderful FANIE products, CONTOUR offers "no promises, just results".

Net wt 3 oz (85g) - Contour Restyling Body Creme $35.00
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Mist E Oil

The smoothing solution to dry, parched skin - MIST E OIL. Composed of fractured, vitamin-rich essences, MIST E OIL penetrates softly to help nourish and maintain the skin's delicate moisture balance. It easily mixes with FANIE cremes for the added protection of Vitamin E. Use daily to ease dryness on face or body. Add a few drops to bath water with FANIE herbal Sweet Birch Body and Bath liquid cleanser for petal-soft skin. net wt. 1 oz

net wt. 0.5 oz (15 ml) - Mist E Oil $24.00
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Nutri-tone Body Skin Lotion

Containing vitamins A, D, E, essential oils and many of the ingredients found in FANIE's other soothing body skin solutions, NUTRI-TONE is easy to use, non-greasy and exhilerating. It helps youthfullize and smooth skin, stimulates surface vascular activity, and even helps relieve aged skin of the chest, neck, arms and hands, feet, legs and body. net wt. 5 oz

net wt. 5 oz (155g) - Nutri-tone Body Skin Lotion $28.00
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Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser

The whole family can use the original liquid botanical body and bath cleanser with a floral freshness, naturally invigorating. Is gentle enough for baby delicate skin. Skin appears to spring alive with a healthy glow and youthful look. Benefit from deep pore cleansing, no soap film residue on your skin, the tub or shower stall. Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser can also be used as a "wet shave" on legs, face, etc . net wt. 16 oz

net wt. 16 oz (470ml) - Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser $35.00