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Young, oily or pitted skin

Suggested routine:

  • White Oak Skin Cleanser: 3 times/day
  • Misty Mineral Spray: spritz 2-3 times/day
  • Liquid Sponge: once/week on oily areas
  • Fizzy Skin Masque: 3-4 times/week
  • Tru-Skin: mix with Fizzy Masque powder
  • Dreme Creme: daily & under makeup


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Young, Oily or Pitted Skin

This group of products selected specifically for young or fine, acne skin types. Group includes: White Oak Skin Cleanser, Misty mineral spray, Liquid Sponge, Fizzy Masque, Tru-skin, and Dreme creme.

Product group price includes a 15% discount over buying the products individually.

Group 2 - Young, Oily or Pitted Skin $111.00


Individual Products

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Dreme Creme

For the lovely skin you've always dreamed of. DREME CREME's combination of enzymes and fractured nutrients are the true solution to excessively oily and acned type skin. Use daily and under makeup for added skin protection. net wt. 1.3 oz

Net wt 1.3 oz (40g) - Dreme Creme $20.00
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Fizzy Masque

Oily skin can be beautiful skin with FIZZY MASQUE (for face and neck). With special oil-fighting agents - citric acid and natural enzymes - FIZZY MASQUE gently, yet powerfully, tightens pores as it helps even skin tones. Recommended for young as well as mature skin. net wt. 1.1 oz

net wt. 1.1 oz (40g) - Fizzy Masque $25.00
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Liquid Sponge

For clean, tight, refined pores. LIQUID SPONGE soaks up and dissolves hardened, problem-causing oils and helps clear clogged pores. Highly concentrated - use once or twice weekly to help retain a fresh, clean complexion. net wt. 1 oz

net wt. 1 oz (28ml) - Liquid Sponge $17.00
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Misty Mineral Spray

A smoothing spritz of herbal water to the skin. MISTY's invigorating blend of over thirty vitamins and minerals quickly helps thirsty skin to nourish and revive. A quick spray over make-up helps maintain that "freshly-made" look. Take it with you to the gym, spritz at bedtime over FANIE skin cremes to help the conditioning action of the creme, and use as a quick "pick-me-up" throughout the day. net wt. 8 oz

Net wt 8 oz (235 ml) - Misty Mineral Spray $30.00
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From deep sea kelp, FANIE has discovered the secret to beautiful skin. Compatible with all skin types, TRU-SKIN is itself a delicate skin enhancer. Mixed with FANIE masque powders, TRU-SKIN activates the masque's nutritive enzymes net wt . 3.2 oz

net wt . 3.2 oz (110ml) - Tru-Skin $18.50
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White Oak Cleanser

The first step to the appearance of radiant healthy skin begins with cleansing. The appearance of soft, supple, fresh and vibrant skin can be yours. White Oak cleanser contains no soap or other caustics that may leave damaging residue on the surface of your skin. Soap based cleansers, over time, can leave skin damaging residues or strip the skin of it's natural moisture balance. White Oak Cleanser contains no detergents to dry or strip the skin. It is non- oily and leaves no harmful residues or greasy films. It is gentle enough for the baby's skin, yet deep cleaning for use by the entire family.

Net wt 8 oz (235 ml) - White Oak Cleanser $20.00